Which Modern Cars Will Become Truly Great Classics?

As a Hot Wheels-toting youngster, the term “classic” simply meant any old vehicle with appeal. It could be a pre-war Packard, a ’60s muscle car, a rusty truck, or an aging Italian exotic. If it was cool and old, I referred to it as a “classic”—and I loved them all. As I developed from an automobile infatuated kid into a car collecting,wrench turning, beer-drinking, automotive super nerd, my parameters on what defines a classic has changed drastically.

I feel it used to be easier to identify. In the early 2000s, it seemed more universal: there was a generalized idea that anything pre-1980 fit the bill. Take a seat, folks: it’s 2016, as in thirty-six years since 1980. There are now highly sought after collectible cars from the ’80s and ’90s that we should be considering classics—feel old yet?

Here’s where I stand: any vehicle with a smidgen of historical or mechanical significance…and even modest collectability should be considered a classic.

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