What You Should Name Your Future Baby, Based On Their Zodiac Sign (Boy & Girl Names)

4. Aquarius Boy: Dominic or Conrad


If you’ve got an Aquarius boy coming into your life, you’re in for a wild ride! And that’s because Aquarius kids are totally unpredictable. They’re each their own people and don’t fit into the mold. As he grows, you’ll also notice that your little Aqua baby is very progressive and wordly. He’s a free thinker and will often make you look at him n wonder. To say your boy is unique would be an understatement. Dominic is a wonderful strong name for your little Aquarius man. It means credulous, honest and staunch. Conrad is also a good choice. It’s a German name meaning honest or brave advisor. And to really honor his independence, you can go with Angus, which means unique or one strength. As long as you pick a name you don’t hear everyday, your little one will suit it perfectly. Afterall, no Aquarius is like anyone else, so their name should be just as unique as they are!

3. Aquarius Girl: Alicia or Beverly


Like her Aquarian brother, an Aquarius little girl is also very much her own person. She’ll have her own unique personality from day one. Some people think all babies do is sleep and eat, but your little girl is going to have a mind of her own from the start. She’ll constantly surprise you with how brainy and individual she is. Another wonderful trait your daughter will have? She’s a free thinker. She sees the world through her own lens and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Peer pressure won’t be an issue for her. She’s also a natural humanitarian and will always want to give back and help others. A great name for an Aquarius little lady is Alicia, which means honest in Greek. Aquarius girls will always be living their life authentically, so Alicia is a good fit. Beverly is also a nice choice, as it honors her water sign roots. Beverly is an English name meaning one who dwells by the stream.

2. Pisces Girl: Beatrice or Ashlyn


If you’re welcoming a Pisces little girl into the world, you’re in for a treat. Pisces are eternal optimists. They are always looking for the bright side and trying to bring out the cheer in a situation. They are also very sensitive and in touch with their spiritual side. Don’t be surprised if you see your little Pisces angel spending a lot of time day dreaming or just observing other people. She loves to use her imagination. Expect to be hanging lots of pictures on your fridge in a few years, mama! A great name for any baby, but especially a Pisces baby girl, is Beatrice. Beatrice means she who brings happiness. How sweet is that? Along the same lines is the name Helena, which means bright and shining one. Your little Pisces will definitely be a beacon in your life. There’s also the Celtic name Ashlyn, which means dreamer, to honor your little’s imaginative side.

1. Pisces Boy: Pax or Rahim


Pisces boys are also known to be quite in tune with their emotions. You’ve got a sensitive boy on your hands. He’ll be empathetic and really know how to relate to people, which is a trait some boys really struggle with. But not your little Pisces! Pisces are also known for their creative side and their compassion. They always believe in others and offer their support wherever they can. A great name for a Pisces boy is Pax, which is also the name of Angelina Jolie’s second eldest son. Pax means peaceful. There’s also the Muslim name Rahim or Raheem. Rahim means empathetic, merciful and compassionate, which couldn’t describe your little guy any better. He’s got a huge heart and any name that honors that would suit him perfectly.

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