What You Should Name Your Future Baby, Based On Their Zodiac Sign (Boy & Girl Names)

8. Sagittarius Boy: Archer or Fletcher


Your Sagittarius boy is the ultimate free spirit. Right from the get go, your little wanderer is going to be taking off in every direction. He’s a curious little learner from day one and will always be aiming to discover new places and new people. Archer is a great fit for a little Sag boy. Pretty obviously, Archer means bowman. This works great for your Sag guy because he’s always going to be shooting his bow in new directions. If you like that idea but you’re not into the name Archer, Fletcher is another great option. It’s an English name which means one who makes arrows. There’s also Blythe, which is a very unique name. It means free spirit and happy – so perfect for your little one! Lots of great options for a sweet little wandering Sagittarius.

7. Sagittarius Girl: Perry or Aliza


A Sagittarius little girl is going to bring so much light and love into your life. She’s a natural optimist and will always put a smile on your face. She’s the type of baby who will be happy in any situation. But she’s also got a wandering streak. Your little one is going to be ready to take off the moment she gets the chance. She’s an explorer. She would do so well living in a new country or learning about a new culture. So if you’ve always wanted to travel the world on your maternity leave, your Sag baby is ready to do it! A beautiful name for your little Sag lady is Perry, a unisex name that represents her inner wanderer. Aliza is also a beautiful choice. It’s a Hebrew name that means joyful, which will describe your little girl to a T. For a slightly more unique option, there’s the very fitting name, Ascella. Ascella is actually a name of one of the stars in the Sagittarius constellation.

6. Capricorn Girl: Nicole or Amelia


Like their Scorpio sibs, Capricorn girls can be very motivated. But sometimes that motivation crosses intro stubbornness, just like a prideful Leo. Capricorn girls are ambitious, to say the least. They will work hard to get the job done. She’ll be working hard to master the alphabet and learn how to walk. She won’t give up until the job is done. Who wouldn’t want to have a kid who is so ambitious? Capricorn girls can also be very serious. But don’t worry! Just because she isn’t smiling all the time doesn’t mean she isn’t a happy baby. A great name choice for a Cap girl is the classic Greek moniker, Nicole. Nicole means people of victory, and your little one is always going to be a champion. Daphne is another name that represents victory. Amelia is also a great choice. It’s a German name that means hard working.

5. Capricorn Boy: Dante or Truman


Capricorn boys are also known to be very hard working and sometimes a little bit stuck in their ways. If he doesn’t figure out how to lift his head or crawl across the room, he isn’t going to give up until he gets it – even if that means working himself into a fit. But your little boy is a worker! If you happen to have a family farm, your little Capricorn boy is going to be a perfect addition to the family. He’s also quite competitive and naturally athletic. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself becoming a soccer mom sooner than you’d think. A great name for a Capricorn boy is Dante, which means streadfast and long-lived. Your boy is disciplined and this name suits him. Another choice is Truman, which means loyal. Your little guy is loyal to a fault and will never give up on people he believes in. If you want to pull in Hebrew roots, Yael is a beautiful choice. It means mountain goat, which is the hardest working animal in the bunch!

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