What You Should Name Your Future Baby, Based On Their Zodiac Sign (Boy & Girl Names)

12. Libra Boy: Joaquin or Naor


The symbol for Libra in the zodiac is the scales. Because for your little Libra boy, everything needs to be in perfect balance. He’s the diplomat and the peacekeeper in every situation. He likes to be social and get out there and make friends. But he won’t be the super chatty one. Your little guy is going to spend more time watching interactions than getting involved in them. He will be born with an eye for art and beauty, meaning he will be very cultured. If you always wanted to travel with a baby, a Libra baby is the one to do it with. The name Joaquin speaks to your boy’s sense of balance and fairness; it means God will judge. Naor, a slightly more unique name, means cultured and enlightened. Your little guy is all about justice and sophistication. We wouldn’t be surprised if he came out wearing a fancy French beret.

11. Libra Girl: Diana or Justine


Libra ladies are all about the fairness. From an early age, your little girl will have a great sense of right and wrong. She’ll want to give to charity and will be confused when adults have to make morally questionable decisions. She’ll also have a great love for beautiful things. So if you let her pick out her own clothes, she’ll always put together something wonderful. Diana would be a great choice for a little Libra lady, especially as it honors Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, who was all about fairness. Diana also means divinity. Another great choice is Justine, a French name meaning fair and righteous. Lastly, there’s the beautiful name Ziva, which means brilliance. Any of these names would really suit a little Libra lady who is going to be all diplomacy and sophistication. These names are sweet for a little baby but will also fit her into adulthood.

10. Scorpio Girl: Astrid or Delany


With Scorpio babies, it’s all about that passion and fire! Your little girl is going to be an absolute firecracker. You’ll see her personality right from the get go. Scorpio ladies are passionate and powerful. They’re goal oriented and really go for what they want. So if you enroll your bold little lady in dance class, she’s going to go for it until she’s mastered every step. Scorpios never back down from a challenge. You’ve got a little fighter on your hands! And don’t worry, your lady will still be able to balance her competitive side with charisma. A great name for your little girl is Astrid. Astrid is a Norse name for divine strength or beauty. And you better believe your little girl will have both of those! Delany is also a beautiful choice. It’s a Gaelic name meaning the challenger – because your girl will never back down from a fight. Casey, a Gaelic unisex name, also would work as it means brave and vigilant.

9. Scorpio Boy: Zeke or Watson


Just like his Scorpio sister, your little Scorpio boy will be full of passion right from the start. He’s a powerful little man and he wll always be raring to go. Be prepared for some epic battles, especially if your Scorpio guy has siblings to fight with. He definitely will not be backing down. He’s a strong man. But he’s also very motivated. And lucky for you, that’s all self-motivation. Once your little guy sets his mind on something, he’s going to do it – no questions asked! So to honor your little powerhouse, the zodiac suggests the name Zeke, for a bit of a religious nod. Zeke means strength of god. Watson is also a great choice, a Scottish name meaning powerful warrior. Another Scottish name that would be fitting is Fergus, meaning strong man of vigor.

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