What You Should Name Your Future Baby, Based On Their Zodiac Sign (Boy & Girl Names)

16. Leo Boy: Ari or Lionel


The Leo is the sign of the lion, so you know your little Leo man is going to be the king of the jungle. He will be proud, courageous and loyal. He’s a protector. But he’s also very outgoing and playful. So get ready for lots of playdates as your little boy will be quick to make friends. He’ll have a little lion pack of his own. So to literally honor the lion in him, there are the names Ari and Lionel, which both mean lion. If you want to be slightly more subtle, there’s Rex, which means king. Of course, you want to make sure all this talk of kings, leaders and lions doesn’t go to your little Leo’s head. He’s already going to be a pretty proud kid – he doesn’t need to get a big ego as well.

15. Leo Girl: Raina or Lalita


Leo ladies are also known to be proud and protective. Their the mama lion looking after their cubs. If she’s an older sister, she’ll have no problem coming to the aid of her younger siblings. She’s a fierce little lionness! She’ll jump in danger’s way if it means defending someone she loves or defending herself. Leo ladies are also known to be creative and enthusiastic. They love to play and get involved. Your little one will likely be a natural if you put her into acting from a young age. So to honor her inner lionness, the zodiac suggests the name Raina, which means queen. What a pretty name for a little queen! There’s also the beautiful Sanskrit name, Lalita, which means playful. And if you want a name from the animal kingdom, there’s Aria, Leya and Zara which all mean lion.

14. Virgo Girl: Serena or Minnie


You’re going to be so happy if you’re the mom of a Virgo baby girl. Virgo ladies are known to be quite thoughtful and considerate. Of course, your baby girl won’t be considerate enough to not cry during the night or to potty train herself from day one, but she is going to be more peaceful and a keen observer. Virgo girls also really enjoy helping others. She will be the best big sister and a natural helper. Virgos are also known for their sharp minds, so you might have a baby genius on your hands! A great name for a Virgo baby girl is Serena, which means tranquil and serene. To honor her brain, there’s names like Minnie, a version of the Greek name Minerva meaning of the mind, or Clara, which means bright.

13. Virgo Boy: Emery or Quinn


Like their Virgo sisters, Virgo baby boys are also known to be tranquil and at peace. Aren’t those some good traits for a baby? We think so. Virgo baby boys are also very hardworking. He’s going to do his best to get the job done – whether it’s putting together his blocks or learning how to read. He’s a smart cookie and very practical. A great name for a Virgo boy is Emery, which means industrious leader. Why not instil that hard working spirit into your little Virgo man? Quinn, a Celtic name meaning intelligent, is also a great fit for a Virgo. The German name Frederick, which means peaceful ruler, could also be a very good choice. Your little man is going to be set with any of these monikers, thanks to his hardworking spirit, peaceful nature and huge brain.

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