What You Should Name Your Future Baby, Based On Their Zodiac Sign (Boy & Girl Names)

20. Gemini Boy: Clark or Dexter


Congratulations on your Gemini baby boy. Gemini boys are known for being social but also smart. So your kid is going to be the star at preschool! He’ll have lots of friends but he’ll also impress the teachers with how fast he picks up the ABCs. Gemini guys are also known to be little charmers. Combine charm with that big brain and this little lad may start to use his wits to manipulate you. Watch out there, mama. The zodiac suggests Clark as a good moniker for your Gemini boy. Clark is a French name for scholar. Another way to honor your Gemini guy’s brain is with the Latin name Dexter, meaning skillful. Want even more smart names? There’s Albert, meaning intelligence, and Cassidy, meaning clever. Just so many ways to speak to his big brain! And because he’s so smart, you know he’ll be writing his own name in no time.

19. Gemini Girl: Sophia or Julia


Like their Gemini brothers, Gemini girls are also very social and very smart. These little ladies are ambitious. They always want to do well and will put their brain to every task. It will come as no surprise to hear that your Gemini girl was reading and writing way before her same-age schoolmates. She’s also very articulate and charismatic, so will easily woo friends and family. And she’s curious – always asking questions to fill up her big brain. Sophia is a great choice for a brainy Gemini girl as it means wisdom. Julia is another beautiful option; Julia means youthful. With her charming attitude, your little Gemini will always remain youthful. Lastly, Sage is a really cool name choice that could work for a Gemini boy or girl. Sage, a Latin name, means wisdom and health.

18. Cancer Girl: Adele or Alma


Cancers are known as the moms of the zodiac. They are nurturing and emotional. If your Cancer girl gets to become a big sister, expect her to be helping you lots and always looking out for her little sibling. She’s a caring person. But she also feels a lot. Your little girl will surprise you with her emotional depth from a very early age. Cancers are also known to be homebodies, so be prepared to push your little Cancer lady into different activities so she doesn’t just stay home with you. The zodiac suggests the name Adele. Not just the famous singer, Adele is also a great name for a Cancer because it means kind, soft and tender. Another option is the name Alma, a Latin name meaning nurturing, which is totally your little girl. Anna, another “A” name also works as it means grace.

17. Cancer Boy: Henry or Xander


Cancer boys are sensitive. This is a little man who isn’t afraid to shed a few tears or get in touch with something more intuitive like art or journaling. When he grows up, the ladies are going to love his sensitive side! Cancer boys are also very protective and family oriented. They love to help out around the house and will always stand up for their family. Don’t be surprised if your little toddler gets upset if he thinks you’ve hurt yourself or sees you having a bad day. So what names work well for this sweetheart? Henry, meaning home ruler, is a great choice. A Cancer boy will certainly want to be the ruler of his home. Another option is Xander, a Greek name meaning defender of man, which speaks to your son’s protective nature. Alistair is also a fun option if you’re looking for a posh British moniker. It also means defender of men.

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