What You Should Name Your Future Baby, Based On Their Zodiac Sign (Boy & Girl Names)

24. Aries Boy: Alexander or Hernando


Aries boys are all about the adventure. They’re the type who will take their first step months before all of the other babies. And once they start walking, they won’t be able to stop. An Aries baby is very independent. He is confident and not afraid to try new things. This is a kid who will always have you running after him making sure he isn’t getting into too much trouble. So what’s a name that suits this bold and adventurous young man? The zodiac suggests Alexander, which means defender of man. It’s a very strong name, which will fit your strong little boy. Hernando is also another great option. Hernando means adventurer or explorer, which describes your little guy to a tee! If you’re looking for something a little more unique and old school, there’s also Bernard, which means brave as a bear.

23. Aries Girl: Andrea or Shirin


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. That means you’re little Aries lady is going to want to be first at everything. Competitive doesn’t even begin to describe her. She’s passionate and will always go after the things she wants full force. She has goals and she pursues them. You’ll be surprised just how bold, brave and confident your little girl will be, even from a very young age. To honor her courage, the zodiac recommends the name Andrea, a french name meaning bravery. Shirin is also another beautiful option for your little gal. Shirin means charming, which your daughter will definitely be. Briana is also a fun option, meaning fearless and hailing from Ireland. Whatever you decide to name her, get ready for a bold little lady with a lot of passion, independence and strength of character.

22. Taurus Girl: Kesia or Annabelle


Taurus ladies are patient and practical. They know how to wait their turn. And lucky for you, they might even grasp what you’re saying when you try and reason with them, which is rare for young kids. Taurus girls are also known for their creative instincts and great taste. If you let your little Taurus pick out her own outfits for school, she’ll probably end up putting together something more impressive than you would have been able to. Kesia, meaning earth-bound, is a really elegant name for your practical little lady. It’s pretty without being too hoity-toity. Annabelle is another great choice. Annabelle is a French name meaning loving, which describes your little one perfectly. One more option? For something slightly more unique, there’s the Irish name Connelly which stands for love and friendship. Who wouldn’t want that for their little girl?

21. Taurus Boy: Ethan or Farley


We know Taurus babies can be patient and practical. But you know what else they can be? Stubborn. Taurus is the sign of the bull and bulls are known for being persistent. Your little Taurus man will dig his heels in and stand his ground. This can be great because it means he isn’t going to give up on something he sets his mind to. But if he’s set his mind to having dessert before dinner, you’re in for quite the battle. Luckily, your little Taurus guy is also going to grow up to be quite dependable and romantic. So you might be fighting off the suitors when he gets to dating age. The Hebrew name Ethan is great for a Taurus because it means strong-willed, which is so your little boy! Another great option is Farley, which means bulls pasture. If that’s too literal for you, there’s also Damon, a Greek name meaning to tame.

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