What Surviving “Incurable” Cancer and Riding a Bike Taught Me about Life

Riding my bike that day revealed secrets about healing not just my body, but also my soul. Secrets that we can all use to heal whatever needs healing and to bring more joy into our lives.

Celebrate Every Victory.

We take our ability to walk down the street, cycle to work, or hop over a puddle for granted. At least, until we can’t do these things anymore. At first, I would beat myself up when I couldn’t walk a full block. “You were a marathoner, now you can’t walk down the street. What a loser.” As I started coming back, I realized I needed to celebrate the first time I walked down the street or the day I was strong enough to go to the grocery store and the library in the same day—or the day I got back on the bike.

We’re too hard on ourselves. Who cares what we used to do or what other people can do? We must love ourselves enough to celebrate our accomplishments, big and little.

It’s Never too Late to Go Back to What we Love.

Our bodies are like the internet: once something goes live it’s posted forever. Whether we once loved ice skating, dancing or cycling, our muscle memory remembers the movements. The expression is “just like riding a bike” for a reason. Whether we need to heal our body, mind, or spirit, returning to the physical sensation of our favorite activities will improve all three. When we’re missing something in our lives, sometimes we just need to get back to what our body loves.

Healing takes many forms because it is never caused by just a disease. Our bodies manifest the wellness of our mind and spirit. Getting back on my bike that day was an affirmation that, “Yeah, I got this.” I can ride my bike for pure joy. I can ride to get stronger. To have time alone. To heal.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to go celebrate my new body by riding my bike with the freedom I had when I was a kid.

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