What I Learned From Quitting Coffee After 15 Years Of Daily Consumption

Self-image as an addict vanished

I don’t see myself as a caffeine addict anymore. That means that I don’t see myself as an addict to any substances anymore. I used to smoke, I used to binge drink alcohol, and for all these years I used to drink coffee and think of myself as someone who needs that stuff to be alert and focused at work or while studying.

By now I know that I don’t need any of these, that I can live happily without having a constant need for any specific substance. That’s a huge improvement in my own understanding of the control I have over myself, over my behavior and body. While I had learned this to a certain degree before— e.g. by establishing positive habits — it feels still empowering to realize that there are no substances anymore which have such a power over me.

Saving money

Coffee isn’t cheap. For the capsules to the coffee machine at the office I used to buy two packs of 30 capsules for about 17 CHF (that’s about 17 USD) every three weeks. I spent less when using the instant coffee variation, but way more when buying a cup at a coffee shop every now and then. Thus, while it might not be the worst money waste, I think I can easily save the equivalent to five annual Medium membership subscriptions by switching from coffee to tea and water.

My girlfriend called me a badass

She’s all in favor of me not drinking coffee anymore. Still, she was rather surprised that I simply did that out of the blue one morning and then stuck to it for days.

Until now she’s the only person who knows about it. I assume it will get tougher when I visit my parents in whose kitchen the scent of freshly brewed coffee constantly hangs in the air.

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