What I Learned From Quitting Coffee After 15 Years Of Daily Consumption

Sugar and milk consumption dropped

I would usually drink coffee either in the form of a short espresso with a spoonful of sugar, or in huge mugs of coffee with a splash of milk.

I still have milk in my breakfast muesli and a little splash in my teas, but that’s it. I’d say this makes about 2dl less milk per day.

Besides coffee, I don’t usually sweeten any foods or drinks with sugar. Not even my tea. Consequently, my refined sugar intake — at least the one I can control and isn’t hidden in processed foods — dropped basically to zero.

Tea consumption increased

I decided that I still liked to have a hot beverage every now and then, especially since it’s still rather cold here at the moment, the winter hasn’t really worn off completely yet even though spring has officially begun.

Thus I began to drink more tea than I have in years. Apart from the habit of drinking a cup of green tea with my breakfast and the occasional binge-drinking of herbal teas when I have a cold or a cough, I haven’t drunken much tea over the years.

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