We Asked Real Guys: What Flirting Moves Work On You?

Flirting is a fun way of letting someone know that you are interested in them. Anyone can flirt and flirt in any place they feel comfortable in. You can flirt in the office with a work mate you think is hot and you would like to know more about them or any other place. While in the office, flirt verbally or none verbally. Give them a prolonged look, complement them when they are dressed nicely, joke with them.

Let’s be honest: Sometimes, we wonder if our attempts at flirting actually hit the mark. We worry that we’re coming on too strong (Is it too much to send him an unsolicited selfie?), or we worry that we’re being too subtle (Did he catch that sparkle in my eye and that tinkle in my laughter?), or we worry that we’re not doing anything at all (How do people even flirt these days?!).

While there will always be guys who are as dense as the Amazon rainforest, it turns out that for many dudes, it doesn’t take much for them to take the hint.

We got real guys to reveal what flirting moves by females never fail to get their attention. Read, learn, and maybe try not to pinch your guy friends too much if you don’t want them to get the wrong idea.

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