This Baby Was Born With A Birthmark Which Turned Her Into “Little Superhero”

When Natalie Jackson was born 4 months ago, her parents admitted that they were “filled with panic.” Although doctors said she was completely healthy, she arrived with a dark birthmark covering a third of her face, which is expected to grow as the girl does.

But her parents‘ love for the newborn baby soon conquered the fear and little Natalie was actually dubbed a “little superhero” since her birthmark resembles a Batman and Robin-style mask. Although Natalie‘s parents know that she might be facing some difficulties in the future, they agreed not to have the birthmark removed and embrace her unique and different looks. “Her mark means she is going to be strong no matter what life throws at her,” says Lacey. “People tell us how amazing her birthmark is and how gorgeous she is and we couldn’t agree more.”

When the girl was a week old, she was taken to see an ophthalmologist (eye disease diagnostician) to check if the birthmark isn’t causing any damage to her vision. She also had some other important consultations. Despite the fact that the birthmark might slightly increase a risk of developing melanoma in the future, it was a relief for the parents to find out that everything is fine.

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