The Ultimate Science-Based Guides to Losing Belly Fat Forever

How to Reduce Your Carbohydrate Intake

In a world where there’s a pizza joint, a bakery, and a bar at every corner, how can you possibly limit your carb intake?

If you’ve been living on pasta and burgers your entire life, it is going to be difficult. However, the key is to go about things gradually. If you can’t give up all your favorite foods right away, think about going slow instead.

The key is to eliminate the biggest offenders first before moving on to get rid of the rest from your diet, if you’re so inclined. In my personal experience, just cutting out the worst kinds of carbs, without having to go into ketosis, is enough.

You can start with the following:

Bread and pasta

I can hear the cries of protest coming from you, but hear me out! If you’re truly serious about this whole fat loss thing, you will have to take a long hard look at your relationship with bread, pasta, and dessert. If you’re Asian, you might as well throw in white rice into the mix.

Refined carbs are digested quickly and cause a rapid spike in insulin. They are easy to digest because they have been stripped of fiber and nutrients during the refining process. That’s true even for the kind that claims to be fortified with vitamins and minerals.

If you can’t ditch bread and pasta altogether, an alternative is to switch to whole-grain versions instead. Whole-grain breads and pastas still have their fiber intact because they are not as badly processed, so they are slower to digest and do not spike your insulin levels.

Research shows simply going for the whole-grain alternatives can boost your metabolic health and your body’s ability to burn belly fat.

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