Study Finds 85% of Men and Women Made These 25 Crucial Mistakes While Trying to Flirt

Flirting can be fun, but also scary if you do it wrong. You can get rejected in a heart beat if you do it wrong. To help eliminate nervousness and help increase your chances of correctly flirting, you must AVOID these flirting mistakes.

The greatest mistakes you can make while trying to flirt.

1. Cramming too much information into a first encounter. Past relationship admissions, lists of hobbies, anecdotes about your great aunt Mary. No need to bring up extended family when making a first impression.

2. Being overly sexual right off the bat. The word “tantric” shouldn’t come up in the first 10 minutes if you’re going for a long term relationship. Yeah, I know, your cousin met someone at a bar and all they had in common was the mind-blowing sex and now they’re happily married. Ever happiness to them. But, like, no.

3. Assuming someone will understand you like them just because you’re overly friendly. Unless you’re going for a Cindy-Lou-Who-level seduction tactic, this isn’t working for you.

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