Should I Ask Her Out? 30 Brilliant Ways to Know if She Wants You To

#24 She laughs at what you say. If she laughs at like, everything that comes out of your mouth, it’s because you make her nervous, she finds you funny, and she is trying to show you she likes you! It’s a no-brainer!

#25 She asks you to do everything *except go on a date*. She keeps asking you to do things with her, yet they are all non-date scenarios. That’s because she is trying to subtly hint to you that she wants to spend time with you, but doesn’t want to put her heart on the line and ask you on a proper date. Be bold and make the first move!

#26 She wants to be in pictures with you. If every time you pose for a snap, her pretty little face crops up, it’s her cunning way of making sure you remember her. Has it worked?!

#27 She agrees to do anything you suggest. Even your most boring suggestions seem like wonderful ideas to her! She wants to spend time with you whatever the pair of you are doing, so why not ask her on a real date?

#28 She doesn’t talk about other guys around you. If she’s only got eyes for you, that’s a pretty good sign she is looking to date you and you alone.

#29 She’s made it clear that she is single. She’s told you *probably more than once* that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Now why do you think that is?

#30 She’s asked you if you are single. She’s asking you directly. Take the hint!

These 30 ways are great signs to answer the question, should I ask her out? So what are you waiting for? Ask her out already!

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