Should I Ask Her Out? 30 Brilliant Ways to Know if She Wants You To

#19 She wants to be alone with you. If she is always finding reasons to be alone with you, she’s hoping that might be just the time for you to pluck up the courage to ask her out.

#20 She calls and texts you. Every time your phone beeps, it’s her? She desperately wants you to ask her out, so just go for it. Duh, stop asking the question, should I ask her out, and just do it already!

#21 She tells her friends about you. If her friends seem to know all about you, it’s because she has been talking about you to them!

#22 Her friends seem to like you and/or tease her when you are around. If her friends like you, it’s because she’s been talking you up. Make sure you make an effort with her friends too, and then you’re golden

#23 Her friends are always super psyched whenever the two of you are together.If her friends get all excitable whenever they see you two together, or say things about what a cute couple you are, they are probably not-so-subtly hinting that she likes you and the two of you should get together.

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