Should I Ask Her Out? 30 Brilliant Ways to Know if She Wants You To

#9 She tries to make friends with your friends. If she’s making a real effort to hang out with your friends *yes, even that one who is a bit of a douche,* it’s because she wants to get to you. She knows you might ask their advice on whether or not to ask her out, and she wants them to be her biggest fans!

#10 She asks about your family. If she is taking an interest in your family, she is trying to show you how much she cares – a girl like that is definitely a keeper!

#11 She is interested in the same things as you. If she suddenly has all these hobbies and interests that just happen to be the same as yours, she’s clearly got a massive crush and wants you two to have a lot to talk about, and as much in common as possible.

#12 She flirts with you. What more is there to say with this one? If she is flirting, then take her for a drink pronto! Ummm, so that sure answers the question, should I ask her out, huh?

#13 She teases you. If she likes to gently tease you, then it’s probably her way of flirting with you. Being a bit mean and mocking you is putting up barriers because she likes you so much, so put her out of her misery and ask her out!

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