Should I Ask Her Out? 30 Brilliant Ways to Know if She Wants You To

Sometimes it can be tough to tell if a girl likes you. You might continually wonder, should I ask her out? Here are some signs that you should.

Does the question “should I ask her out?” constantly hover in your mind, and yet, you just can’t seem to find the courage to actually make the move? It’s understandable, asking anyone out can be scary. No one wants to get their feelings hurt or be humiliated by someone turning them down.

The problem is, the longer you have a crush on someone and don’t do anything about it, the more risk you’ll end up in the friend zone. Or worse still, your crush will end up going out with someone else and be taken off the market altogether.

So if you like a girl, what can you do to minimize your chances of rejection if you do take the plunge and ask her out? Well, that’s where we can help!

30 ways to answer the question, should I ask her out? Keep on Reading!

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