Old Wives’ Tales for Early Gender Prediction, Common Pregnancy Symptoms or Clues of Who’s to Come?

Don’t you just love all of those well-meaning older ladies who give freely of their advice when it comes to pregnancy and childbearing? I swear once I became pregnant it suddenly seemed like the population of women over the age of 60 had tripled and they all knew everything I had to do to relieve my morning sickness, scolded me for over-exerting myself by pushing a grocery cart, and most entertaining of all, somehow knew the gender of my baby even before I did.

Whether you buy the old wives’ tales or not, they can be pretty entertaining to test out, and some people swear by their predictive power. So here are some common wives’ tales for early gender detection. What do you think – common pregnancy symptoms or clues of who’s to come? Let’s check this out!

It’s a Girl If……

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