Mom Celebrates Her “Boy Who Lived” — 1 Year After Doctors Told Her To Terminate Pregnancy

When you see bouncing, giggly babies practically everywhere you go, it’s sometimes easy to assume that they were all born as healthy and happy as they look. But when you stop and think about the fact that billions of tiny details have to go exactly right in order for a healthy child to be born, it boggles the mind — and makes every baby feel even more like a miracle. One Utah mom’s story is going viral this week for reminding us all of that very sobering fact.

Several months ago, a pregnant Nadine Shelley was undergoing a routine ultrasound when she and her husband Garrett received some upsetting news: her amniotic fluid was leaking, putting her baby’s health at risk.

In a now-viral post on the popular Facebook page Love What Matters, Shelley explained that her baby could have been born with a host of heartbreaking problems including brain damage, blindness, and severe mental and physical disabilities. Not only was her son at risk of dying or being born with serious complications, but Shelley’s life was in jeopardy as well.

It was for this reason that doctors advised the couple to consider terminating the pregnancy — a heartbreaking and difficult decision the Shelleys never thought they’d have to face.

“As a nurse, I appreciated what she was telling me,” she explained. “I understood why she would recommend it.”

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