Kissing Styles Of The Zodiac Signs Revealed…

There are few things sexier than someone who knows how to give a good pash. But poor kissing technique can feel a bit like being sandpapered to death by a pair of dry lips. For some of the signs kissing comes naturally where as for others it’s an area that could use some improvement (though nothing that practice can’t solve). Read ahead to find out how each of the signs kiss!

Aries: muscular and passionate, they can kiss through chaos.

Beautiful Couple

The Aries likes to be in charge and it’s no different when it comes to lip action. They kiss like one of those epic embraces in an old fashioned movie – there’s lots of action, angles and dramatic head movement. Sometimes however, they need to be taught that less is more and be introduced to the gentle art of finesse. With more extreme rams you may require a neck brace after making out with them!

Taurus: will mimic and adapt to your kissing style.

Taurus mimicks your kissing style

For a sign that is traditionally stubborn and bull headed Taurus are remarkably chameleon-like when it comes to the art of kissing. That’s because they are focused on the end prize – a second date or commitment perhaps. They adapt to compliment their partners kissing style because they know that if you give the people what they want they’ll come back for more every time.

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