If Our Response To 15 Of These 20 Question Is A Yes, We Shouldn’t Be In A Relationship Right Now

Relationships are so complicated they even literally come with a manual.

Relationships are big deals. Huge, even. Maybe monstrous. If they weren’t they’d be called relation-boats or relation-canoes. Dare I say relation-kayak. No, it’s a relationship.

That might have been a terrible vessel joke, but there’s no denying the enormity of relationships when it comes to the sacrifices made to make them work. We trade out brunches with our girlfriends for day-long dates, flats for heels, and our interests for someone else’s. Sure, sometimes you end up with something really beautiful. But other times you can’t believe you could be so unlucky to capsize (that was the last water reference, we swear).

Dating and relationships are so complicated they even literally come with a manual. We wouldn’t need the thousands (maybe millions) of books in circulation about how to be marriage material, finding the right partner, following your heart, and noticing the signs that he’s just not that into you if relationships were easier to navigate. Alas, people are profiting off our crazy (sometimes humorous, sometimes painful) search for love.

Save yourself a trip to the bookstore (or ten dollars on Amazon) and read on to see if you should be in a relationship right now based on your responses to these questions.

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