I Was Skeptical, But This Couples’ App May Have Saved My Relationship

Like a lot of couples, my boyfriend and I tend to repeat the same fight every few months. In our case, I feel frustrated that he doesn’t agree with some of my deepest values, and he feels like I try to impose them on him. A few weeks ago—surprise, surprise—we had this fight again, but this time I was determined to do something to address it and hopefully make it better. Though I’m generally skeptical of couples’ apps that claim to bring you closer or solve your issues (mostly given that the majority of the ones I’ve tried are just annoying to use), I’d recently learned about the app We Did It, which guides couples through tasks that supposedly bring them closer. I figured anything was worth a try if it meant potentially saving our relationship.

When you download the app, it prompts you to rate how satisfied you are with different aspects of your relationship—housework, sεχ, communication—and then “build your dream week.” For the latter step, you choose which tasks you’d like to complete in the areas of your relationship that need the most work and how many times a week you’d like to do them. For example, if you rated your relationship low on communication, it’ll let you choose tasks like “talk about your dreams” or “discuss the needs of the relationship.” Then, it holds you and your partner accountable for doing these things with daily task reminders. Every time you complete one, you check it off on the app. Then, you rate your happiness in different areas again to determine what paid off, and the app has you pick more tasks based on that.

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