How to Court a Woman: 15 Smart Ways to Do It Like a Classy Gentleman

#9 You don’t have to be conservative. Courtship is stereotypically meant for people who are religious, which isn’t wrong. Conservative people do court. However, you don’t have to be religious in order to adopt this method. If you’re not conservative you don’t have to wait until marriage to kiss, hold hands, or have sεχ.

Modernize it and allow a waiting period of a couple months of no sεχ until you get to know each other. Think of Charlotte from sεχ In the City, that’s what she did.

#10 Hide no feelings. Courting is about getting to know the other person, right? So do not keep your feelings bottled up inside of you. That’s going to be a disaster in the future. Be completely open with your emotions and she’ll do the same.

That way, you’ll really get to see your compatibility with her. You’re looking for a life partner, you better like each other.

#11 No games. This isn’t some game about who texts first or waiting three hours to reply. Come on, that’s for kids. There are no games involved with this. If you want to see her, ask her. If you like her, tell her. When you’re looking for a life partner, you don’t have to play these stupid games. And plus, if she’s into game playing, then you don’t need her.

#12 Court when you’re thinking of marriage. Close your eyes and think about it. Can you see this woman being your wife? If so, then why not give it a try and court her. You should really only be courting someone when you’re considering the idea of marrying them.

Basically, this is the first step to marriage. If you’re not thinking of marriage, well, then don’t court a woman. Just date her, it’s lighter.

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