How to Court a Woman: 15 Smart Ways to Do It Like a Classy Gentleman

#2 Dating and courting aren’t the same. Maybe you thought dating and courting were the same thing, but actually, they’re very different. Dating is more casual, and you’re not necessarily looking for someone serious. Rather just testing the waters and having fun, completely understandable.

Courting is based on the idea of eventual marriage. Okay, if you just had a shiver up your spine reading the word, “marry,” I get it, it’s big step. But courtship is really meant for those who are seriously looking for someone.

#3 Start off as friends. There’s nothing more terrifying than meeting a guy who’s already on his knees, ready to pop the question. You’re courting, so it’s already assumed you’re looking for something more serious than dating.

So, to take the pressure off, why not start off as friends. Hang out with her in groups, learn about her personality by how she interacts with people. Then, decide if you want to proceed or not. Plus, it’s much easier to move on from her when you’re not so obvious with your feelings in the beginning.

#4 Man pursues the woman. Yes, fellas. Listen, modernize it however you please, but usually this is about the man courting the woman, not the woman courting the man. So, if you’re interested in her, you’ll have to pursue her. Call her, take her out on dates. In this aspect, it isn’t much different from dating. Usually, it’s pretty rare that the woman takes charge initially.

#5 You can only court one at a time. Yeah, this isn’t Tinder. When you’re courting someone, you’re finding out if they’re a compatible match for your future.

You can’t be courting three girls at one time, it’s not gonna work. You need to focus your attention on the one girl you’re courting. If she’s not compatible then you end the courtship and start courting someone else. If you’re courting a bunch of girls at once, you’re not really genuinely trying to get to know each one as well as you think you are.

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