Guys Confess The 20 Foolproof Flirting Techniques That Will Make Him Obsess Over You

3. “A little red dress or a sultry red lip makes me notice any girl across any room”

Okay, we know we just said to wear what makes you confident, but who says you can’t throw a little red into the mix, too? There is actually a psychological thing called the “red dress effect”, which states that people (particularly women) who wear the color red are seen as more s*xually appealing than if the same person wearing any other color!

If you don’t have a red dress in your closet (or just don’t feel like wearing one), a red lip, red shoes, or other accessories can have the same effect. This color is attention-grabbing and impossible to ignore, which means his eyes will definitely be on you. And hey, if he thinks you’re the type he absolutely must take to bed, that was what you were going for, wasn’t it?

2. “When I first meet a girl I always ask what she likes to do for fun, a girl who has interests and keeps herself busy makes me know she has her life together”

Unlike playing hard to get, being busy is a fact of life that will cause dudes to think about you when you’re not around. When you’re busy, you have a full and thriving life that doesn’t need a man – and what dude doesn’t get excited by the prospect of a chase? If you’re the type who isn’t thrilled at the idea of having a jam-packed schedule, try doing things you’ll actually like that won’t have you waiting around for when he texts and deigns to make plans with you.

Guys want to be with a woman who has her own life separate from him, and while we may have been sold the idea of a damsel in distress, an independent woman is actually way hotter. You do you, girl, and when you have the time, do him!

1. “A girl who knows what she wants. Nothing is better than a girl coming up to me and asking me out, such a turn-on”

If all else fails, there’s no point in trying to play the subtle game anymore. While some guys are great at picking up on body language and verbal cues, many more of them need to have it spread thickly to know that you’re actually interested in them.

Telling a guy you’re into him or want to go out with him – on a date level, not as “just friends” – is scary. You’re looking down the barrel of rejection without a clue as to what he might say. It’s nerve-wracking, sure, but wouldn’t you rather know the truth than risk wasting your time? Guys, while they might like to appear macho, do in fact find it attractive when a woman asks them out, because this is a lady who knows what she wants! You don’t have to be dramatic, but letting a dude know what you’re thinking and feeling can open things up in major ways.

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