Guys Confess The 20 Foolproof Flirting Techniques That Will Make Him Obsess Over You

5. “I like to be teased, it’s a weakness of mine. I know a lot of other guys wouldn’t agree”

This is not the time for negging, okay? (Which, if you don’t know, is the gross art of trying to knock down someone’s self-esteem so that they feel vulnerable enough to be with you.) When we talk about teasing the guy you’re into, we mean playfully and gently. Any pick-up artist moves that rely on negativity and insults are not a good thing to do, so let’s just state that right now.

Unlike negging, gentle teasing is a cute way of showing him that you’re not always sweetness and light – you’ve got some wickedness about you, too! Playful banter or small nudges that make you both laugh are cute ways of showing him that you can rib him like a friend – but you’re also sexy! It’s a way of showing that you can hold your own and what dude isn’t into that?

4. “A girl who wears whatever she wants and owns it, I love that”

Rather than have us tell you to wear short skirts or high heels or whatever else we’ve been told is attractive to men, we suggest that you wear what makes you feel confident. That could be your go-to LBD, your favorite pair of jeans, or your lucky T-shirt – whatever it is, if you’re feeling like hot stuff, it’ll show no matter what you’re wearing.

Confidence is one of the biggest turn-ons for both men and women, and strutting your stuff while feeling like a million bucks is a surefire way for him to take notice of you. Confidence is attractive and impossible to ignore. It should be noted here that we said to wear what makes you CONFIDENT, not COMFORTABLE, because, sorry, sweatpants need not apply.

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