Guys Confess The 20 Foolproof Flirting Techniques That Will Make Him Obsess Over You

8. “I love when a girl has a certain confidence. She makes the first move and that includes whispering in my ear, wow such a turn-on”

Look, don’t be the weird girl who speaks so softly that everyone has to lean in to hear her, but a whisper into a guy’s ear when you’re in a noisy location – think a bar, party, club, or sporting event – brings you two in closer proximity. We don’t suggest trying to have a conversation this way, but asking a question or making a comment when you have to lean in close can be super hot!

A few pointers for pulling this technique off successfully: Keep your voice low, but clear – you don’t want to be screaming in his ear! Make sure your breath is stink-free, because when you’re getting that intimate, nothing kills the vibe like rank breath. Finally, use the noise level as an excuse to go somewhere a little more private where you two can be alone and have a real conversation.

7. “I notice this thing girls do when they’re standing beside me, they touch my back, it’s so simple yet I love it”

One step up from touching his arm is a touch on the lower back. That part of the body is a more vulnerable place, which means that you’re definitely channeling your romantic intentions when you rest your hand there. And, surprisingly, it’s not as unnatural as you might think! If you’re sidling up to him in the middle of a conversation, or brushing past him on your way to somewhere else, letting your hand linger on his lower back is a proprietary move: you’re flirting with him, you’re into him, and you’re not afraid to let everyone know it.

Like any form of touch, this is a form of physical connection and since it’s in a place that’s closer to his man parts, he might be thinking what you’re thinking without you even having to say it!

6. “A girl with a sense of humor and can make me laugh wins 9 times out of 10!”

Who doesn’t love a good sense of humor? Laughter goes a long way towards feeling bonded with another person and the ability to crack a joke shows that you’re comfortable and relaxed in his presence – even if underneath it all you’re still a bundle of nerves!

They say that laughter is one of the best medicines, but it’s also one of the best ways to flirt! When you’re laughing (or when he is), you’re smiling and chilled out enough to enjoy yourself. Don’t treat this as your own personal stand-up routine, however. A few jokes or some witty comments are all you need to ensure that he’ll be thinking about your wicked sense of humor, brilliant brain, and everything else that makes you so wonderful long after you’ve left.

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