Guys Confess The 20 Foolproof Flirting Techniques That Will Make Him Obsess Over You

11. “When a girl touches me, and we’re flirting having a good time, even if it’s just a touch on the shoulder…I’m sold”

There’s nonverbal ways of flirting, there’s body language tactics to incorporate, and then there’s the full-on physical stuff, like touching his arm to get his attention. Touch is a huge part of flirting, and one of the techniques that doesn’t leave them guessing as to your intentions. Sure, touching his arm can be friendly, especially if it’s brief, but if you let your hand linger just a few moments longer, he’ll get your meaning.

That being said, you need to read the situation, because no one likes the person who gets all handsy! If the dude is leaning away form you and playing it a little too cool, skin-on-skin contact might not be the way to go. If, however, he’s practically itching to touch you himself and respectability is keeping him in check, go for it!

10. “Is it superficial of me to say I like it when a girl compliments me? I like knowing what they like about me, sue me”

Who doesn’t enjoy a compliment as long as the person saying the thing isn’t a total weirdo? While you obviously want to let him know how hot he is and that you can’t wait to jump his bones, if you’re not quite there yet, find something else about him that you like and tell him that. We women get complimented all the time (although when it’s yelled by a stranger from a passing car, it feels less like a compliment and more like an attack.) Guys, on the other hand, don’t get it so much. Because of that, your nice comment about his hair or how his joke was funny or that he’s so good with dogs will stand out because he doesn’t have much to compare it to! The little ego boost you’ll give him will definitely put you on his radar.

9. “I love a good smelling perfume…or a good smelling shampoo, it’s so intoxicating”

Smell has been proven to be the strongest sense tied to memory, and having a signature scent is an excellent way to ensure you’ll stick in his mind – and he won’t even realize it! Choosing your favorite perfume to wear around him – or, if you’re more sensitive to smells, your favorite shampoo – will have his brain think of you whenever he gets a whiff.

Rather than stick to wearing a certain something all the time to get him to notice you, having a signature scent can make you feel sexy and mature, while also doing the work for you. If he catches the smell of it somewhere else (or even on someone else), it’ll still be the thing that belongs to you, so you’ll definitely be the one on his mind.

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