Guys Confess The 20 Foolproof Flirting Techniques That Will Make Him Obsess Over You

14. “When I first meet a girl and I’m still on the fence, the best way to get me is to leave me alone a little bit…”

When you’re really feeling someone, it can be easy to go overboard and smother them with attention, but anyone with a speck of common sense will tell you that that is the exact opposite of what you should be doing! No one likes to be smothered with affection and attention and while you can’t get him out of your head, he can’t wait to get away from you!

This isn’t to say that we think you should play hard to get, but remember that you’re your own person separate from whatever guy you’re into. Give him some space so that he knows what it’s like when you’re not around. Giving him time to miss you will likely make him want you more. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” is a trusted saying for a reason!

13. “I may be the minority but I HATE texting. I hate having a huge conversation over text, pick up the phone…call me, let me hear your voice”

Flirting is basically communication with a romantic, seductive purpose, and so anyone will tell you that communication can’t work if you’re relying just on texts. Texts are a comfort zone for most of us, and they’re a great way to strike something up with someone you’re into, but don’t rely on it! Instead, use texts as your intro. Since no one really talks over the phone anymore, a text is a casual way to ask someone else if you’ve already been talking for a little with minimal opportunity for embarrassment.

Don’t read too much into texts, either. Maybe he’s not an emoji guy, maybe he doesn’t feel the need to add “lol” at the end of every message to soothe your nerves. Instead of spinning yourself into circles, go out with him, meet up face to face, and use our other IRL techniques to win him over!

12. “Great body language. If she’s confident in herself she will show it in her body language and I love that”

A flirting technique that transcends gender, mirroring is a nonverbal method of communicating that can increase feeling of bonding and connection – exactly what you’re looking for when you want to get close to someone!

Mirroring is exactly what it sounds like: you adjust your body, your tone of voice, and even your gaze to match his, so it feels like the two of you are already in sync, even if you haven’t known one another for very long. Obviously, like everything else on this list, we don’t want you to go overboard with this and treat it like a game of Simon Says, but reaching an arm across the table when he does, bringing a hand to your chest for emphasis when he does, or tilting your body in the same direction is the good body language stuff that’ll have him thinking about you for days later and feeling like you already get him.

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