Guys Confess The 20 Foolproof Flirting Techniques That Will Make Him Obsess Over You

17. “Girls who only talk about themselves is such a turn-off. When they actually listen and are interested in what I’m saying gets me every time”

Like maintaining eye contact, showing a dude that you’re listening to what he’s saying is an undervalued flirting tactic. Active listening to what someone is saying shows you’re interested and not simply waiting until it’s your turn to speak. Ask questions, nod, and make comments when appropriate.

While this might sound like an easy flirting technique, there’s actually a right way to do it! According to scientists at the University of Newcastle in Australia, women look more alluring when they angle their head forward, so that they have to look slightly upwards when they’re in conversation with a man. Obviously, there’s a clear reason as to why dudes are into the idea of a woman looking up at them, but we’ll leave that part to your imagination!

16. “A gorgeous smile and beautiful white teeth makes me melt, I’m not even joking”

There’s nothing quite so friendly as a smile, right? A genuine smile is an open invitation for someone to come up and talk to you, so it’s like making a move without feeling like you’re putting yourself out there. It’s a subtle move, and one that can often be mistaken for friendliness or, if you’re a nervous smiler, just plain anxiety. It’s basically the opposite of Resting B- Face.

That being said, a man is much more likely to approach a woman if it looks like she’s having a good time, and the quickest way to determine that is her face. Even if you’re alone, if you seem happy, a guy won’t be so intimidated and feel more comfortable about approaching you. It’s a great flirting technique because you’re doing hardly any work!

15. “This may be weird but whenever a girl is talking and I just met her, I always look at her lips, so when she bites them or touches them…it gets me going”

Notice here that we’re saying that you should draw attention to your lips, not lick your lips, because this is “foolproof flirting techniques” and lip-licking can be quite advanced. You don’t want to look like someone whose tongue just flops around in an effort to be seductive, do you?

The mouth is a very sexy part of the face, and, apart from the eyes, it’s the first place a guy looks to when his eyes are on you – on your face, that is. Playing with a straw around your lips, sipping your drink slowly, pursing your lips after a bite of dinner, applying lipstick, licking an ice cream cone – all are simple ways to draw attention to your adorable, kissable lips! As far as flirting goes, this one is definitely a go-to.

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