Guys Confess The 20 Foolproof Flirting Techniques That Will Make Him Obsess Over You

20. “I love a woman with super soft and long hair. So when she plays with it and twirls it around her finger…it gets me every time!”

It’s a fact that guys like long hair, and drawing attention to your tresses in a positive way is a great way to get his eyes to linger on you a little longer than he might otherwise. Long, shiny hair is associated with health and, thus, fertility, and so the caveman part of the brain in a guy is biologically attracted and hardwired to notice when you run your fingers through your hair, brush your bangs away from your face, or twirl a few strands around your finger.

When you’re trying to get a man’s attention, you might be nervous, and playing with your hair a little is a sexy way to keep your anxious hands busy. Just try not to flip your hair into his mouth or look like a crazy woman whipping it back and forth and you should be fine!

19. “I love when a girl keeps the conversation light and to the point. This way I know she’s for sure interested in me”

No one wants to get into the deep and dark stuff right away. Sure, you might want to know if the guy you’re crushing on has ever thought about children or marriage or moving in together – all with you, of course – but bringing up heavy subject matter is the quickest way to enter into creep territory and no one wants that.

Keeping the conversation light and refusing to talk all about your tragic past and family history is basically you putting on your best self. First dates feel like a job interview (at least for the first twenty minutes), and you want to always be the best version of yourself there too, right? Cracking jokes, asking about hobbies, and having a general good time will keep you both relaxed and open to getting to know one another at a normal pace.

18. “Eyes. I love eyes, so when a girl is flirting with me and makes direct eye contact. I find that irresistible and powerful”

We’re not saying that you need to stare down the guy you’re into, but maintaining eye contact and occasionally gazing into his eyes is an excellent way to establish a non-verbal connection. Plus, you have science on your side! It’s been proven that looking deeply into someone’s eyes increases bonding between two people.

This doesn’t mean you have to stare at him without blinking, but try and give him your full attention. After all, you’d expect the same, wouldn’t you? Eye contact signifies your interest in another person, even if that interest isn’t necessarily romantic. You’re acknowledging them as a human being and hey, if you’re able to work on a sultry “bedroom gaze”, even better! (Although we don’t recommend this if you’ve got a track record of being an awkward flirt.)

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