Ex-Teacher Reveals Illicit Details of Affair With Student, Including The Sεxy Selfies She Sent Him

The student even compared their relationship to the classic movie The Graduate. He once called her “Mrs. Robinson,” a nod to Anne Bancroft’s character.

The teen Casanova’s romantic overtures worked, and his teacher fell in love.

“I was completely head over heels,” she said.

She said they had sεχ almost every day in her car at a public park in the area.

“We met several times a week, not every time was just to have sεχ,” she said. “There were times we would sit and talk. I thought in my mind this was some sort of real relationship.”

It all came crashing down when they were spotted by another student. Haglin was fired and charged with sεχual exploitation by a school employee.

“I realize how stupid I was and what a terrible mistake I made,” she said. “I thought that it was something that could be kept secret and that nobody would ever know.”

If convicted, she faces up to 2 years in prison and will need to register as a sεχual offender.

She said: “I want to go back and smack myself and ask: ‘What were you thinking Mary Beth?'”

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