Divorce Lawyers Recommend Asking These Questions On A First Date

8. “DO YOU THINK YOU’RE A GOOD COMMUNICATOR?”Lack of communication is one of the (if not the) major causes of divorce. We’re all so afraid to say what bothers us, and the resulting resentment can grow and grow until it explodes like the proverbial atom bomb in the long run. Figuring out how your date communicates can help you see if your way meshes well with his. Otherwise, it will be very hard to maintain a healthy relationship, says Boston attorney Carolyn C. Van Tine.

9. “WHERE WAS YOUR LAST VACATION?” While seemingly random, this question can tell you a lot about how your date handles money. If you find it uncomfortable to ask your date about his finances outright, this question is a more innocent way to probe. What you really want to know with this question is whether or not he saved up the money to splurge on that luxury vacation to Aruba he took last year or just put it on a credit card and called it a day. You can then use this question as a segway into discussing debt and money in general, Van Tine suggests. Money problems are another central issue that leads to divorce, so you’ll want to know where he stands from the beginning.

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