Dewy & Moist: 25 Facial Mists And Toners That Are Must-Haves This Summer

5. True Nature Botanicals Pacific Mist


While you may want a more zingy scent to start your day, the combination of tuberose, star jasmine and neroli essential oils in this mist make it perfect for the evening when you want to wind down. The all-natural ingredients mean you can apply it without worrying about having to wash off any chemicals before bed, and ingredients like white tea extract and sea kelp extract will help refresh your skin while you sleep, so you can wake up feeling and looking fabulous.

4. Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist


We’d be tempted to buy this product for the stunning lilac ombre packaging alone, but turns out it’s also pretty amazing. It contains beauty heavy hitters like botanical oils, hyaluronic acid, Okinawa red algae, and Japanese anti-aging superfoods. Basically, it’ll make your skin hydrated, radiant, glowing, combat aging… it’s pretty much magic. And, you can even apply it on top of your makeup without worrying about your carefully applied products sliding around on your face, so you can re-mist yourself whenever you want throughout the day.

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