Dewy & Moist: 25 Facial Mists And Toners That Are Must-Haves This Summer

13. Dr. Hasuchka Clarifying Toner


It’s no secret that a lot of the mists and toners on the market are geared towards individuals with dry or sensitive skin who need a little boost of moisture, a little something to soothe their skin. However, if you have really oily skin, there are still products out there for you — like this one! This clarifying toner has calendula and anthyllis, which help to tame the oiliness in your skin so that it feels clean and doesn’t have you constantly reaching for blotting paper.

12. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist


Okay, we’re beginning to feel like it’s almost a requirement to incorporate roses or rosewater into your facial mists and toners — it’s definitely one of the most common ingredients across brands. And, this one is yet another product that delivers. Spritz a bit of this balancing mist on after you cleanse your skin and it’ll kind of just bring everything back to normal, recalibrating your skin’s natural pH level and giving it a little extra hydration. Plus, the gentle floral scent definitely doesn’t hurt — it’s like bringing a bit of the garden into your bathroom.

11. Pixi Glow Tonic


We have to admit, any product that contains glow in the name automatically captures our attention, because come on — who doesn’t want to look constantly glowing and radiant? This glow tonic from Pixi uses glycolic acid to help remove all those dead skin cells and oil that are working together to clog up your face and make it look dull. The result is skin that’s, well, glowing — a few swipes of this and you’ll be leaving your foundation on the shelf for the day and embracing your natural radiance.

10. Lancome Tonique Confort


First of all, the packaging alone is amazing here — who doesn’t want a gorgeous sculpted bottle of pink luxury in their bathroom? However, what’s inside the bottle is just as important — and trust us, it delivers. This toner has sweet almond extract and honey, which means it’s ideal for anyone with really sensitive skin, and it helps remove all the grime of the day from your skin without totally stripping all the oils. You’ll be left clean and hydrated, which is exactly what you want your toner to do.

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