Dating Expectations: Type A vs Type B Personalities

#4 They can be very reflective. This can conflict with a Type A person’s predisposition towards impatience and anxiety. While Type B people are still contemplating an issue, someone with a Type A personality might push for an immediate answer. A Type B person may need more time, but some relationship issues can’t afford to be sat on.

#5 They don’t talk as much as Type A people. Obviously, this can be a problem in terms of communication, but you could always urge your partner to be more involved in the conversation. The downside is that you’ll have to prod your partner to speak their mind, and that can be annoying at best and may be considered stonewalling at worst.

Conclusion: Type B people might seem like the ideal partner, but some of their traits may conflict with your own personality and ideals. The key is to balance things out by getting to know your partner better in order to adjust accordingly. That goes the same for them.

Remember that both the Type A and B personalities are just theoretical generalizations. People’s personalities encompass a wider range than just two groups. It’s up to you to approach that person and find out whether your personalities match, regardless of which group you both fall into.

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