Daddy’s Girl Dilemma: 20 Unpleasant Consequences of Dating Her

#20 Nothing is ever her fault. Like NOTHING.

#21 She’s never home, even after she moves away. A daddy’s girl might leave home, but she never truly leaves her father’s home. She will eternally have her heart in her father’s house.

#22 He won’t ever let you pay, which at first seems like a good thing, until you realize he owns you too. Daddy is just as protective of his role in her life as she is of keeping him in that role. Don’t mess with either of them. His paying for things, picking up tabs, and offerings, seem genuine and great at first, but you soon find it is all about maintaining control.

#23 She only likes you if daddy does. If you date a daddy’s girl, get him to like you quick or it might be all over before you can say “daddy.”

#24 You best think her birthday is a national holiday… The best day in the whole wide world.

#25 She walks around making a mess and expects everyone to clean up after her both figuratively and literally. A daddy’s girl never had to do a thing for herself, clean up her own mess, or really take care of anything.

So, if you ever date a daddy’s girl, get used to taking care of her, ‘cause once she leaves daddy, she is going to be all your problem.

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