Daddy’s Girl Dilemma: 20 Unpleasant Consequences of Dating Her

#14 Top of the line, baby. If you date a daddy’s girl, be ready to hand over your wallet. Nothing is too good for a daddy’s girl. But the biggest problem? Nothing is ever good enough.

#15 She expects every guy to treat her just like daddy did. You best be on your best behavior and pull out all the charm. A daddy’s girl wants affirmation constantly about how awesome she is, how she does no wrong, and how lucky you are to have her.

#16 She can’t ever be wrong. Don’t ever try to pin something on the daddy’s girl, she won’t be having it. Her daddy spent a lifetime making sure she is shielded from responsibility or taking responsibility for any of her actions.

#17 There is no such word in her vocabulary as “no.” Don’t even try it, it won’t work.

#18 Forget about making major life decisions, she’s got it. She is the boss at home. If you decide to marry a daddy’s girl, be ready to be in a female-led relationship, because that is where you are headed.

#19 When she goes to that dark place… she stays inconsolable waiting for prince charming, aka daddy. If she pouts, there ain’t nothing that brings her out besides the charm of dear old daddy. But, you won’t ever be as charming, so you probably have to call him up from the ranks.

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