Daddy’s Girl Dilemma: 20 Unpleasant Consequences of Dating Her

#8 All eyes on me. A daddy’s girl likes being the center of attention, and if she doesn’t hold the prominent space, she does whatever she can to get it. Hitting on your best friend or entering the wet t-shirt contest, it makes no difference. She does what she must to be adored by everyone around her to feed the internal beast.

#9 Her daddy always outdoes you. Whatever you do and whoever you are will never be as great as the man, the legend, daddy.

#10 Her daddy always has the final say. You might say “no,” so guess what, she goes and asks daddy. We all know what he is going to say. If you don’t want the house or the car that she does, it won’t matter, if daddy says “yes” it is on.

#11 Her mom is bitchy as all getup, if she is still around. A daddy’s girl is the only girl in a man’s eyes, which makes a lot of trouble at home. As a woman, there is nothing worse than playing second fiddle to your daughter, always being overridden or dealing with the spoiled brat he created. If the mom is still around, she is often aloof and detached with reason.

#12 She thinks her bullshit will work on you. She is shocked why all of her old manipulative tricks won’t work on you, they always worked on daddy!

#13 She has an inflated sense of self. She thinks she is every man’s dream girl. After all, she grew up as a princess in her castle believing that one day her Prince Charming would come, but he still wouldn’t be as good as daddy.

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