Daddy’s Girl Dilemma: 20 Unpleasant Consequences of Dating Her

A daddy’s girl was not only the apple of her dad’s eye, he was everything to her. Beware if you date her, you have your work cut out for you!

I was lucky enough to be the second daughter in my family. Do you know what that translates into for a girl? Second best. I am sorry to say it, but rarely does a woman shine in a guy’s eyes more than his first prodigy, his first “love.” Daddy’s girl.

That poses problems not just for women of daddies who favored the chosen one which wasn’t her, but especially for the guys who put up with the chosen’s nonsense for a lifetime. If you date a daddy’s girl, beware. It is going to be a bumpy ride.

25 signs you are dating a daddy’s girl

Daddy’s girls don’t get that they aren’t the center of the universe. Since their father is such an adoring fan, they think every man in their world thinks they are just as awesome. Self-absorbed and highly inflated, they demand everyone treat them just like the princess that daddy told them they are.

#1 She still calls her dad daddy, at 3 or 50. There comes a time when a girl stops calling her daddy, daddy. Usually before puberty. Daddy is a term of endearment, sure, but it is usually reserved for the daddy’s girl who has no reality about what a daughter/father relationship is.

That also includes talking about her dad like he is the universal dad. Instead of saying “My dad,” she begins the sentence like “daddy says,” as if he is the end all be all.

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