Classic Cars: The Absolute Best in Concept Car Design from 100 Years of Automobile History

Beautiful Styling + Extreme Engineering = the Creme de la Creme of Automotive Design

Today we’re starting new DRB series, Exceptional Concept Cars, which will highlight the absolute best in concept car design from 100 years of automobile history.

It is not our aim to present a complete list, or even a comprehensive coverage of particular brands and car shows (there is enough material of this nature available on the web). What we want to do instead, is to celebrate the daring and esthetic value of the most fascinating and unusual concept automobiles – give you shapes and curves to brighten up your day, and to make you say “Wow, what a cool concept!” a couple of times.

For every model we will include a piece of interesting fact or trivia… and perhaps some highly subjective remarks from the author. Remember, beauty is the eye of the beholder, and what some may count as pretty, others will consider an abomination, and vice versa. The good news is that there were enough concept cars produced in the last hundred years – of every conceivable kind and shape – to satisfy every taste.

And so, let us begin with a selection of American concept cars – the American Dream cubed, quadrupled and multiplied to infinity by the daring designers of yesterday and today:

From way back in 1917 – Behold the Golden Submarine (in its “Silver” incarnation):

This extreme custom “stick rod” was built by Harry A. Miller for racing driver Barney Oldfield. The car looked almost jet-powered when the smoke came out… Above picture is the modern interpretation of this legendary car, built by Webb’s Automotive Art – more info.

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