Broke Girl’s Guide: 20 Websites Makeup Gurus Should Visit To Stay On Budget

20. Shop Miss A

For all the makeup lovers out there: take note of this website’s name and never lose it! On Shop Miss A, you can get anything for $1. No, you won’t wake up in your bed, because this is not only a beautiful dream!

It might take some time to receive your order, though, but from the reviews on ‘Influenster’, we can pretty much say people are happy with their purchases from this site.

“I definitely recommend shopping here!! I discovered it through a friend and it is amazing. I recently got a concealer, elf brush, nail file, angled brush, small eyebrow comb, scissors to trim my eyebrow hair all for around $7/$8!!! Everything is a $1!!! Super great deal especially if you’re on a makeup budget. They don’t just have makeup they have accessories as well which are super cute.” – Ingrid M.

19. Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay is another great site for makeup obsessed on a budget. This website stocks a lot of brands that you can find at Sephora for a little cheaper and, especially when buying heaps of makeup, this can make a huge difference. Plus, you’ll get free delivery for purchases over $60 – and you can buy brands not found at Sephora, such as Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Makeup Store, and Eyeko.

Another point in favor of Beauty Bay is the fact that you don’t have to deal with any crowds – and you can use any discount codes that come your way! Waiting for delivery from this site is definitely well worth it for your wallet.

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