8+ Acrylic Nails Too Pretty To Be Real, And 8+ We Can Live Without

5. “Baby, will you light my fire?” I’m pretty sure that’s what she asked her manicurist.

These nails are so trendy it hurts. I hate that I love them, but the flame patterns on her middle and index fingers are dope AF.

6. Sparkles + ombre = nail orgasm. That’s how I feel about these!

Aren’t these perfect for a special occasion or the holidays?! The variation tones down the glitz, making these far from tacky (aka what I usually think of with seasonal nails).

7. Not gonna lie, I’m highkey obsessed with these.

These prove that acrylic nails don’t always have to be super long to be eye-catching. I especially love how the gold flakes make them sparkle!

8. Tell ’em you don’t need a ring on your finger when your nails are cut like gemstones.

Which set would you get: gold or silver? It’s almost too hard to decide after seeing how amazing both styles turned out.

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