8+ Acrylic Nails Too Pretty To Be Real, And 8+ We Can Live Without

1. Ombre nails are chic AF and look so sleek with subtle colors!

This gradient transition from blue to nude is as smooth as your legs after a professional wax. And the little extra bit of bling on the ring finger? #YasssGirl.

2. These pink holographic nails are like Barbie on steroids, and it’s a girly girl’s dream come true.

While pink is a classic go-to, step up your game with a holographic finish. You could probably see these nails shine from outer space.

3. Glass nails are a megatrend in Korea — they literally look like something from the future.

If these nails had a theme song, it would be Rihanna’s “Diamonds” because they literally look like precious stones.

4. For those of you who only do neutral colors on your hands, this is such a pretty way to add some interest.

It’s like the new and updated French manicure because let’s be real…the original was only cool in eighth grade.

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