7 Women Share Photos of the Surprising Things That Helped Them Get Over a Breakup

4. “A ton of new shoes.”

“I’m just glad that after my breakup, I had a solid foundation of girlfriends and money for new shoes. (By the way, my cat says hi.)” —Keenya K., 36

5. “Frozen yogurt.”

“Pinkberry is kind of a go-to for me—for both celebrations and disappointments. It’s not your classic ‘eat a tub of ice cream post-breakup’; it’s just a sweet treat that reminds me that everything is still normal.” —Nicole B., 23

6. “A few new notebooks.”

“I find a lot of inspiration for stories and poems in my own relationships. So when I’m trying to let go, I buy a new notebook. Fresh pages give me a fresh perspective.” —Jennifer J., 25

7. “A trip to Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka.”

“I always travel to heal—well, not to totally heal, but to help healing. Exploring new places helps me focus on something other than my recent breakup, and there’s something about being in a place where I know no one that just makes me feel good. When I was 37, I bought myself a trip to Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka—a mountain that’s about 5,500 steps high. It took me around seven hours to get to the top, but once I did, I was overcome by this feeling of out-of-this-world empowerment. It was the kind of glory no breakup could beat out of me. —Anne Marie D., 41

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