7 Women Share Photos of the Surprising Things That Helped Them Get Over a Breakup

1. “A Keanu Reeves area rug.”

“When my ex-boyfriend and I broke up in the late summer, I decided it was time to live my best life. And my best life involves having a gigantic photo of Keanu Reeves’ mugshot as an area rug. It is really the best boyfriend I’ve ever had, and it goes great with my Harry Styles decal.” —Alana M., 32

2. “A pair of new piercings.”

“I got double cartilage piercings done after my last breakup, because I wanted to feel a little bit badass.” —Molly F., 22

3. “Poetry books. And art supplies.”

“I bought myself some poetry books and art supplies—mostly as a distraction, I think. The poetry books inspired me creatively, and helped me find beauty in brokenheartedness. The art supplies allowed me to dive into a creative project that required all my focus and energy, and they also let me escape into another world where the breakup didn’t feel real.” —Shauna W., 24

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