These People Shared The Secrets of How They Finally Lost Their Belly Fat


In college, Dorothy Beal was overweight and coveted Britney Spears’ abs, so she started eating healthier by figuring out what foods she had an intolerance to and learning how to get more out of her workouts. A trainer also pointed out that Dorothy’s situps could be more effective by tilting her pelvis up, so her back lies flat on the floor. She also does Pilates and yoga.


During her freshman year of college, McKenzie Maxson adopted some late-night habits that led to the storied “freshman 15.” Downing sugary, boozy drinks, followed up with junk food led to next-day hangovers and bloat. She noticed the weight gain most in her stomach and lower back. But when she went on a family vacation, she reverted to her healthier habits, like early-morning runs instead of trips for bagels and coffee, and started abstaining from alcohol. After six months of not drinking, she lost “the booze belly” and the 15 pounds she gained. Now, she only drinks on special occasions, and enjoys a glass of wine or a simple cocktail, like a vodka soda, rather than sugar-loaded drinks.

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