These People Finally Shared to Us The Secrets of How They Finally Lost Their Belly Fat

“My transformation revealed abs that I had never seen before in my life.”

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ve probably experienced your boobs peace-ing out really quickly while your belly fat just chills. So. Unfair.

But it doesn’t have to go down this way.

Since belly fat is notoriously stubborn, we went straight to the women who’ve ditched the extra weight around their midsections to find out exactly how they conquered the battle of the belly bulge. Snag their tips and get closer to your goals.


After having three children, Shantea Johnson felt frumpy and wanted to lose weight from her belly and hips. “I honestly had no idea how I could accomplish this feat, but I was determined,” she says. “Coincidentally, a friend introduced me to the world of fitness competitions, and I began working with a trainer who taught me the importance of nutrition and how it’s connected with obtaining the results I wanted.”

Shantea gave up soda and started eating five to six small, structured meals a day; each meal contained protein, a complex carb, and vegetables. Shantea went from 150 pounds in June 2012 to 120 pounds in October 2012 after cleaning up her nutrition, exercising five to six days per week, and completing abs-focused workouts two days a week. “To my surprise, my transformation revealed abs that I had never seen before in my life,” Shantea says.

She also went on to compete in her first fitness competition, placing third. She continues to complete in fitness competitions, and at age 42, she’s been able to keep the weight off and maintain her abs. To keep her stomach toned, she does P90X Abs Ripper workouts, as well as exercises like planks and crunches.

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