7 Stages Of Grieving The End Of A Relationship, According to Relationship Coach

Depression – Upon feeling overwhelmed, one can become depressed. How you feel now is not a good indication of what you should be doing. You need to get active do something, anything. Train for a marathon. Buy a bicycle. Sign up for scuba diving lessons. Pursuing a new experience, goal, or skill gets you out of the house, reminds you that there is life beyond your breakup, and strengthens your ability to see things from a less pessimistic place.

Acceptance and Hope – Some people eventually reach a stage where they are fully aware of the end, and neither angry nor depressed about it. They accept it. There is a difference between accepting what is and cowardly surrendering when you could have fought more. Acceptance need not mean losing your integrity – it can sometimes be quite the opposite. It is about using the lessons we learned in life to come to terms with the realities of the world, on our own terms.

It is normal to grieve when we suffer a loss –- in fact, not grieving would be abnormal. Don’t deny the pain. Instead ride the grief, and observe it with compassion, so as to experience it without being swallowed by it.

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